Chris Paul Sends Bucks’ D.J. Wilson From The Court With Epic Crossover

Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul obtained Milwaukee Bucks forward D.J. Wilson with only among the nastiest crossovers an NBA sport has seen in quite a while throughout Tuesday’s competition. The response of the Rockets’ seat is almost as epic as the movement itself. In terms of Wilson, that is a difficult pill to swallow if finishing seven points and six rebounds off the seat across 16 moments on your group’s victory. There’ll not be any lack of this movement throughout highlight reels for the future. Paul ended with four. Even though Paul looks in every one of the Rockets’ seven competitions, he’ll go into the playoffs with wear and tear than normal. Injuries have allowed him just 51 looks this season through drama Tuesday, shooting at a career-low 41.7 percent from the floor all around. If his crossover from Milwaukee isn’t any indication however, Paul is now getting his bag of tricks prepared at the correct time with all the playoffs just weeks off.

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Chris Paul Sends Bucks' D.J. Wilson From The Court With Epic Crossover

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